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Global Truss F34

  • Global Truss F34 0.5 M – £5.00
  • Global Truss F34 1 M – £10.00
  • Global Truss F34 1.5 M – £15.00
  • Global Truss F34 2 M – £20.00


The Global Truss F34 features 50 mm pipe diameter TUV Certified aluminium welding and 2mm wall thickness for a superb load handling capacity. A full range of lengths, baseplates, corners, connectors and couplers are available, making them ideal for fixed installation, shop fittings and rental applications.

Aluminium Tube (3 Meters) - £5.00

48mm aluminium tubing, suitable for lighting bars where only a single bar is required or for use with tank trap style bases.

Global Truss F34 Base Plate - £15.00

Global Truss F34 Base Plate is a 600 x 600 mm base plate which fits to Global Truss F34 Truss to give you the ability to create truss structures & podiums.

Tank Trap - £10.00

Tank Trap consisting of a 600mm square steel plate fitted with a 50mm receiver that features wing bolts to firmly secure aluminium or steel tubes in place.


  • 1 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £4.00
  • 2 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £4.50
  • 3 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £5.00
  • 4 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £5.50
  • 6 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £6.00
  • 8 M Spanset (2 Tonne) – £6.50


2000kg  WLL (Working Load Limit). Dimensions are .. x 50mm

Eller PH1 Manual Chain Hoist, 1 Ton WLL - £15.00 ex VAT

The Eller PH1 manual chain hoist is a solid and robust economy hand chain hoist for quick and easy rigging. Features the European Grade 80 load chain according to EN-818-7, Forged swivel top and bottom hooks manufactured from heat-treated, tempered steel with hooks that feature robust forged safety catches.

  • 1000kg WLL (Working Load Limit)
  • Height of lift: 9m
  • Hand chain height: 8.5m

Powerdrive PO1-B Light Stand - £5.00

Telecopic tripod complete with tee bar and 32 mm top cap casting

  • 32mm column external diameter
  • 4 mounting points and mid hole
  • Adjustable height column
  • Base diameter maximum 1380mm
  • Maximum height 3553mm
  • Max load 40kg

K&M 21436 Tripod Speaker Stand - £5.00

The standard speaker stand constructed from aluminium has been significantly improved. The new legs with a tubing diameter of 35 mm and the large, fixed foot end caps guarantee stability and safety. Layered bore holes and durable, robust plastic saddle washers improve the coefficient of friction between the legs and braces, and prevent scratching of the finish. A compact clamp with a patented push-button system affords user-friendly stand height adjustment. The locking screw provides additional stability and vibration-free speaker mount. Additional features include a pull-out guard for the extension tube and an integral anti-shock component.

  • Height from 1320mm to 2020mm
  • Locking screw with push-button system
  • Tube legs with cross braces construction
  • 2 piece-folding design
  • Lightweight stand patented gradual height adjustment system
  • Integrated shock absorber steel extension tube mounting aid included

K&M 21334 Distance Rod - £5.00

Short steel rod with a M20 threaded bolt to connect to speaker-satellite systems. The diameter is 35 mm and the length is 880 mm.

Mirror Ball Motor - £10.00

Heavy duty mirror ball motor rotates mirror balls at 1 RPM up to 120cm (48″) in size.

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